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Anchor Your Items To Any Surface With Our Non-slip Mats * For Preventing Unwanted Movement Or Spillages  Nothing Beats Dycem Non-slip Mats * Non-slip On Both Sides  The Mats Grip A Wide Range Of Surfaces  Whilst Providing An Unbeatable Grip For Any Item * Try Using Your Dycem Non-slip Mats In The Kitchen To Prevent Crockery And Appliances From Sliding  Or Place On Trays When Serving Food And Drink * You Can Even Use Them To Secure Items In Vehicles And Prepare Food On Boats * Objects Have Been Proven To Grip Up To A 45 Degree Angle! * Non-toxic * Simple To Use * Latex Free * Long Lasting - Easy To Clean * Antimicrobial * Round Pad - Blue 7.5 Inch Diameter * Each

Dycem Pad 7.5 Dia. Blue

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