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This Suspensory Supports The Scrotum And Helps Relieve Discomfort In The Scrotal Area * It Lifts  Supports And Snug's The Testes Against The Body To Help Prevent Strain On Delicate Cords And Muscles * The Suspensory Also Confines The Genitals  Tending To Hold Them Out Of Harm's Way From External Contact * Includes Easily Adjustable Straps Inconspicuous Under Clothing * Comfortable And Breathable Support *indicated To Help Relieve Strain And Fatigue In The Scrotal Area And For Scrotal Support For Swelling And Varicosities *  Also Ideal As A Post-vasectomy Surgical Support.hcpc Code A9270 *

Elastic Suspensory Medium Pouch 5-1/8 X3-3/8 Strap 45

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