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Latex-free * Long Lasting .040 Inch Thick Hydrogel * Superior Conformability To Body Contours * Quick  Moderately Aggressive Tac * Firm  Yet Gentle Electrode To Skin Contact For Multiple Applications * High Re-wettability/dryout Resistance * Effective In High Heat And Humidity * Highly Conductive Carbo Film * Even Current Distribution * Soft Foam Covers * Flexible And Conformable To A Variety Of Application Sites * Soft Molded Socket Connector * Provides Superior Connection To The Lead Wire * Only One Available In The Market * Highly Conductive Pigtail Wire Strands * Flexible And Durable For Multiple Uses * Pictographic Electrode Liner * Patented Electrode Design Ensures That Any User Can Return Electrodes To The Correct Side Of The Storage Liner *

Electrodes 2 X3.5 Rectangle Choice Foam Pigtail Pk/4

SKU: CMEP85840
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