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The J-brace Patellar Stabilizer Is A 1/8th  Thick  13  Long Sleeve With Two Lateral And Two Medial Spiral Steel Stays * It Also Has A Tubular Rubber Buttress To Align The Patella * Laterally Attached Straps Pull Medially To Displace Force To The Patella * The J-brace Allows Compete Range Of Motion While Providing Stability * 14  - 15  * Manufactured From Dermadry Which Combines The Breathability And Water-vapor Transmission Capabilities Of Open-cell Sponge Rubber With The Durability  Stretch And Compression Of Neoprene * This Process Allows Perspiration To Evaporate And Is Further Enhanced By The Kwikwick Treatment Of The Soft Polyester That Coats The Inside And Outside Of The Braces * A Flame Lamination Process Is Used To Secure The Kwikwick Treated Polyester To The Rubber  Eliminating The Need For Industrial Adhesives  A Known Cause Of Contact Dermatitis * Excellent For Patellar Instabilities  Subluxations And Dislocations *

J-brace Patellar Stabilizer Medium Right

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