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The Nerve Beam Led Wrap Is A High-powered Led Red Light And Infrared Therapy Device That Delivers Low-level But Intense Light Energy Into The Body * Red Light (660nm) - Visible And Most Effective On The Surface Of The Skin * Red Light Is Within The  Long End  Of The Visible Spectrum With Wavelengths Of 630nm-700nm * Red Light Led Diodes Treat Topically And Have An Analgesic Effect  And Create An Anti-inflammatory Response * Led Therapy Uses A Broad Spectrum Of Red Light And Infrared Therapy To Drive Very Effective Pain-relieving Therapy Results * Adjustable Straps To Use Anywhere On The Body * 525 Individual Led Diodes * Reaches Temperatures Over 100 Degrees Fahrenheit * Nfrared Light (830nm And 850nm)- Invisible And Is Effective For Use On The Surface But Also In Penetrating The Skin By About 1.5inches Into The Body * Infrared Led Diodes Go Deep Into The Tissue To Deliver Therapeutic Pain Relief  And Promote Your Body's Own Natural Healing Processes *  Relieve Joint Pain  Inflammation  Sleep Optimization   Muscle Recovery  Cognitive Function  Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief And Increase Circulation * Kit Includes:led Wrap  Adjustable Straps  Power Supply  Link Cables & Users Guide * 1 Year Warranty

Nervebeam Led Ir Redlight & Ir Therapy Wrap

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