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An Excellent Choice For The Prevention And Treatment Of Pressure Sores * The Soft Interconnected Air Cells Allow For Deep Immersion Providing Constant Low Pressure Across The Entire Seating Surface * Adjustable Air Cells Offer Deep Immersion To Provide Excellent Pressure Redistributino For Tissue Protection And Treatment * Dual Valve Compartments Address Seating Challenges Such As Pelvic Obliquities  Sacral Seating And Enhances Posture Control * Both Compartments Can Be Adjusted Indepedently To Increase Positioning And Stability For Side To Side Control * Nilon Breathable Cover With Non-skid Bottom And Safety Straps * Easy To Use Hand Held Inflation Pump * Flame Resistant  Latex-free Neoprene * Patch Kit Included * Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs * Warranty: 5 Year Prorated *

Protekt O2 Wheelchair Cushion 22 X18 X4 With Pump

SKU: CM78014
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