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New Packaging: 75 Wipes Per Canister * Eliminates 99.9% Of Bacteria In 15 Seconds * Disinfects In Just 4 Minutes * Effective On 40 Different Pathogens * Starts Killing On Contact * Cleans And Disinfects In One Easy Step * Will Not Harm Most Hard  Nonporous Surfaces *  Stay Put  Adhesive Backing Adheres To Mobile Equipment For Ultra Convenience * Alcohol  Bleach  And Solvent Free * For Hospitals And Institutional Use * A One-step Cleaner/disinfectant  Effective Against A Broad Spectrum Of Pathogens  Including Mrsa  Hiv  Staph And Many Others * Used For Disinfecting Ultrasound Transducers  Probes  Mammography-compressor Plates And Mobile Equipment * Also For Use On Vinyl Exam Tables  Countertops And Other Hard Nonporous  Non-critical Surfaces *

Protex Ultra Disinfectant Wipes - 75 Ct Canister 7 X9

SKU: CM48-70
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